September 19, 2018


I have parked The New F Word. Writing it began to feel forced and I am not about that life. I went back to my plan. In the plan was lots of laughter and joy. I found a series of children’s stories. Before my children could read, I would make up stories with them as the main character. I used these stories to comfort them, teach them lessons, make them laugh, and encourage them to dream big.


I shared the stories with a few parents, an editor and publisher. The feedback was overwhelming. It felt so good to feel good about what I had written. I had not felt that in my writing in a quite some time.


So, what do I do? PIVOT


If it doesn’t flow, don’t force it.


P - Park the current idea, project or plan. Every project is not park-able. Somethings need your attention now. And then there are some projects that need a rest. Park those until you can give them the attention they need to be successful and impactful.


I - Investigate new opport


unities. If you are like me, you have a million ideas swimming around and just as many opportunities to make them happen. Confirm the salience of those opportunities. Are they real? Because until you can cash it in, a promised opportunity is a big 0.


V - Validate those opportunities. Decided whether they are practical options or ingenious distractions. Both are okay. You just need to know the difference. I am not asking you to only do the things that make perfect sense. I am asking you to work on the things that bring you closer to your success; your best life; your peace… get the drift.


O - Organize a plan to move one or more of those opportunities forward. Basically, create a check list. List all the steps you must take to do the next thing you want to do.


T - Transition. Work the plan. Take the next steps. Enjoy the change. And remember the idea you parked. It’s waiting to be completed.


Thanks for reading. I should have never hopped on this scoot. At least not with flats on. I write this from my bed on strict orders to R.I.C.E. for a few days. Heel spurts anyone! Follow me for more of this and that.

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