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KesSpeaks Do Your Thing!

Do your thing! Is what I say to clients, friends and strangers striving to grow a business, launch a new idea, or follow a dream. I say it all the time to everyone. It’s my mantra. I say it as though doing your thing is easy. And it is now that I am doing my thing.

Doing your thing does not happen overnight. And I know, we’ve all heard the overnight successes stories. Trust me there are no overnight successes.

Go ask the successful people you know. I’ll wait……

Doing your thing is scary. It took years of planning, strategizing, talking to God and ‘nem, backing out, changing the plan, and running, before I decided to take a chance on me. Now, I am doing my thing.

Doing your thing requires that you know what your thing is. Some of us are born knowing exactly what our thing is. Some of us have been told by others what our thing is. Your thing is your purpose; the thing you are here to do. My thing was always equally clear and scary to me. But I am doing it.

Do you!

D – develop the knowledge you need to own your work and do your thing. Read everything. Find mentors. Join support groups. Volunteer at conferences in your field of interest. Learn everything. Be a sponge. I am.

O – open minded networking. Open your professional and personal circles to include people you can learn from, who you can learn from you and can connect you with your audience. This was initially difficult for me. Until I found my people. Your people, your tribe are the people who support, follow, coach and love to see you doing your thing.

Y – yet. Nothing happens overnight so until it does, the work is not yet done. The game is not yet over. Thinking in the not yet encourages us to keep going until. Until we reach the goal. Are you done? Not yet! Is it over? Not yet!

O – own it. Make it yours. When the Oprah Show began airing in 1986 some of its biggest competitors had been in talk show market for a decade. By 1996 many of them where history and the Oprah Show was soaring. She owned the talk show market by owning her purpose. I still struggle with this. Everyday I am owning my thing a little more. I post a little more. I share a little more. I extend myself a little more.

U – understand the process. Do the work, receive the feedback, adjust and repeat. I love feedback. There was a time in my life when I was afraid of feedback. That fear kept me from growing. Now I seek feedback because I want to be the best.

Do your thing!

P.S. Organize Organize Organize


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 - Lakesha

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