• Lakesha Mathis

Be The Face, Do The Thing!

"Okay, so, they want you, to be the face! The FACE! What does that even mean? Why my face? What face? And how much time do I have to dance around this issue while I find a better face to be the face, instead of mine."

These were my thoughts rushing through my mind as a sat in a meeting listening to my coach create a future for my face. My-freaking-face!

And so goes the story of how I used to diminish and demote myself.

We’ve all done it.

We have been told something great about ourselves or bragged on by someone we admire yet, we refuse the honor of being recognized for the work we do. Maybe you do this, maybe you don’t. But I bet, if you think really hard, you can recall at least one time that you diminished your greatness. The greatness you worked hard to create. And how it felt the day after. Hell, if you are anything like me you felt the hangover of self-defeat moments after it occurred.

Whether you are in that moment today or not you can relate so let’s start there. Let’s discuss exactly what happens when we tell people the greatness they see in us is an illusion.

First, when we diminish ourselves we essentially give others the freedom to do so as well. Being diminished means being paid less for doing more work because afterall, you said you weren’t or couldn’t be. Still they saw that you could be and do exactly what they needed. So they made sure that you did. And since you don’t realize that you can. They get to pay you less and respect you less.

Instead of doubting and diminishing yourself when opportunities come your way go for them. Say yes.

Follow the advice of social media quotes if you need to. Here's one; “if you think its too big, say yes and grow into it," ; because honestly it’s probably just your size.

Rarely, will you receive an opportunity, you're not ready for. The people handing out opportunities (if there was such a group, I believe there is but I digress) watch for readiness before assigning the work. So if it comes your way, rise up and meet it.

Secondly, once we have diminished ourselves recovery can be quite difficult. The word is out, you have the goods and you don't know their worth; so, people and opportunities will come your, just not at the right price. They are checking for the bargain.

Where is the blue light?

I love a good deal but your value must not be sold at the close out price.

Lastly, nothing comes to those who shrink except disappearances. The easiest way to not be seen and valued is to shriek the responsibility of sharing and honoring your importance to the world.

Be the face, do the work, stand out front when it's required. And never humble yourself out of your position in this world!

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