• Lakesha Mathis

Man, That's Not My Gig!

Every time I am asked to step into the middle of work I have no business doing, I’d like my response to be, “Man that’s not my gig!” But it’s not. At least not outwardly because, I am a fixer.

Whether or not you’re a fixer, this happens to all of us. Someone sees you standing there, chilling, as they struggle and they yell out, “Hey grab this for me.” And there you go, picking it up, hoisting it onto your shoulders.

Now you’re staggering around, carrying some shit that had nothing to do with you. In the middle of carrying their shit, here comes your shit. How are you going to handle it?

Your shit has to wait.

You’ve got someones else’s shit on your shoulders.

Put it down; carrying is not your gig!

It’s not your responsibility to ensure their on time arrival, to see their thing through, or to grow them. There is no saving in fixing. And fixes only work where there is a desire for repair.

A petition for assistance is an opportunity to teach, not to carry.

Don’t carry. That’s not your gig!

Personal growth is characterize by our ability to support each other in taking responsibility for our own shit. This doesn’t mean go it alone. No man is an island. However, it does mean, help when you can, hold yourself and those around accountable, teach, lead, follow and limit carrying what you don't own.

Carrying is not the gig.

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