• Lakesha Mathis

To Believe is To Be

They said, “The book will be ready in October. Perfect timing for the gifting season.”

But me, I haven’t planned a thing. No promotions, no release party, nothing.

I’ll have both. I’m not anxious about any of it.

I’d like to profess a changed mindset around success, to do so might be premature. Still, I think there’s something about my lack of anxiety.

I’m not anxious. I convinced myself that if I did it, if I wrote the book with purposeful intent, it would be well. So it must be well!

I’m trusting myself on this one. Trust yourself too.

To Believe is To Be was originally posted on Medium's 100 Naked Words.

#poetry #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #motivation #empowerment


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