Coachability and Doing Your Thing

KesSpeaks. Questions for Colleagues: How have you been able to connect with, learn from so many people and apply that knowledge to being successful? Being coachable. What is being coachable? Being open to feedback and willing to act on that feedback. Successfully doing your thing needs coachability. Many of the most successful people we know receive coaching. You must be able to listen to someone other than yourself to produce your greatest gifts. Listen, receive, adjust, keep doing your thing. Being coachable does not mean trading your thing for someone else’s. Being coachable is a commitment to perfecting your thing. Take the feedback. All of it. If the feedback makes you uncomfortable ask

Get Paid!

KesSpeaks. Turning Your Passion into a Job. If you want to turn your passion into a job, music producer Carmen Teixeira says you need to start somewhere by creating a routine and sticking to it. “Set aside time each day after work to hustle, even if it is only 30 minutes to an hour. That time you spend watching television could be used otherwise.” True story. You must work that thing as though you were already getting paid for it. Get serious about it. I took a year off from work to follow my passion. During that time my goals were to support my family business, write a book and get clear on my next steps. To stay focused I set a daily routine. The decision to go from a two-person income to

Do Your Thing

KesSpeaks Do Your Thing! Do your thing! Is what I say to clients, friends and strangers striving to grow a business, launch a new idea, or follow a dream. I say it all the time to everyone. It’s my mantra. I say it as though doing your thing is easy. And it is now that I am doing my thing. Doing your thing does not happen overnight. And I know, we’ve all heard the overnight successes stories. Trust me there are no overnight successes. Go ask the successful people you know. I’ll wait…… Doing your thing is scary. It took years of planning, strategizing, talking to God and ‘nem, backing out, changing the plan, and running, before I decided to take a chance on me. Now, I am doing my thing. Doin

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